clinic zen is simple but powerful clinic management software for solo practitioners

clinic zen is simple but powerful clinic management software designed for solo health practitioners with a price tag to match.

Suitable for a wide range of health practitioners, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, reflexologists and yoga therapy practitioners.

Tired of storing and carrying around boxes of patient files?
Go paperless and store everything on your iPad (or Mac/PC).

With clinic zen, record all your patient notes and store them on your iPad, Mac or PC. Your notes are searchable and secure.

Tired of storing and carrying around boxes of patient files?

Packed with useful features designed to make your life easier.
So you can get on with treating your patients.


Store all your customer contact details, GP information, and see their treatment and invoice history, all from one simple dashboard.


Record treatment summaries or complete Electronic Medical Records. Create your own custom intake records and consent form.


Create customer invoices then print or email them, all in moments. Customise the invoice template with your logo and details.


Record all your transactions for full financial reporting. Import bank statements* and reconcile them with your records.


Financial and customer reports generated in seconds, with flexible charting options to see trends over time. Annual reports designed to make your tax return as simple as possible**.


Flexible reminder system allows you to set individual reminders for each patient.


Track treatment outcomes using MYMOP audits (Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile).

Local Storage

Once clinic zen is installed, information is stored locally on your device, so you don’t need internet access to keep your system up to date. Great for home visits and clinics without wifi.

*importing records only available on Mac/PC version. For iPad only version you can add bank records manually.
**clinic zen is optimised for UK sole traders who are not VAT registered.

Make your self assessment tax return less painful

If your desk looks like this, we want to help you.
All of your financial information in one place.

clinic zen stores all of your invoices, purchases and banking records, and you can import and reconcile bank statements. At the end of the tax year, hit one button to see everything broken down as you need it for your self assessment tax return.