Added date paid to Invoices list view

Fixed Import Records script (Mac/PC version only)

  • Now imports Bank Reconciliation information
  • Now imports Advice Sheets
  • Fixed other importing bugs

Fixed issue with Referrals not displaying correctly


Now compatible with Filemaker Pro on PC

Added Advice Sheets

  • Create Advice Sheets (simple text field and attachment field for PDF files) within Letter Settings
  • Select Advice Sheet within Treatment page to autofill Advice section and email a copy of the Advice Sheet to the patient.

Added Treatment Autofill for commonly used treatment protocols

  • Select from a user-defined drop down list to autofill the Treatment field.
  • Undo button will restore the Treatment field to its previous state in case the incorrect line is selected (useful if other text was in the Treatment field before the autofill was selected)
  • Clear button will empty the Treatment field

Added Export All Files for this Tax Year button to Annual Summary page

  • Select from .csv or .xlsx format
  • Will export a list of all purchases, invoices and banking records from the tax year selected on the report
  • If All Years is selected, will export all records


Added Bank Reconciliation

  • Accessible from within Banking
  • Import bank statements (Mac/PC only) or add transactions manually
  • Invoices, Purchasing and Banking records now show reconciliation status

Added Zoom option in Advanced Settings


Fixed permissions for Password Change in Advanced Settings

Now always shows detail in Purchases List

Added back button to more pages


Improvements to Invoices and Purchasing

  • Added option to set defaults for purchases (receipt status, payment type, date cleared) in Purchasing Settings
  • Added Invoice Due Date and Notes to Invoices
  • Set number of days before Invoice Due Date in Invoicing Settings > Payment due (no of days)
  • Changed Invoice Payment Status drop down field to button (toggles between Paid and Unpaid) on Invoice.
  • Changed Purchase Receipt on File drop down field to button (toggles between Yes and No) on Purchases

Fixed various print and email issues

  • Fixed Letter email issue where all letters would be emailed
  • Fixed AIR email issue where all AIRs would be emailed
  • Fixed print issue – now prints all pages by default, rather than just page 1

Improvements to Initial Consultation

  • New Consent Form, accessible from the Initial Consultation page
  • Removed ‘Show All’ button from Initial Consultation Summary, which would show information for all patients

Improved compatibility with Filemaker 13


Updated Treatments page layout

  • Improved layout with additional fields
  • Consent checkbox
  • Automatically calculated ‘last edited’ date
  • Additional attachments box for photos, hand-drawn sketches (iPad only) or other files
  • Link to customer’s MYMOP page
  • Link to new Adverse Incident Reporting section

New Adverse Incident Reporting section

  • Generate Adverse Incident Reports attached to individual treatment records
  • Print or email to send to your regulatory body if needed

New Initial Consultation section

  • Completely customisable within Settings
  • Record any information with attachment boxes, check boxes and two text fields for each ‘question’
  • Unlimited ‘Sections’ and ‘Questions’

Various minor bug fixes